About the Author

My name is Justin.

And I’ve been trying to figure out this whole life thing for some time. In my travels, I’ve lived throughout the West Coast. I grew up in Oregon, met my wife in California, moved to Oregon, moved back to California, and finally settled in Idaho.

After meeting my wife, I set forth on my journey to better myself physically (having almost attained the glorious achievement of 300 lbs.). After yo-yo-ing my weight around, as well as my level of fitness and strength, I started to work more on myself as an angry young man (and trying to be less so… especially as the descriptor “young” seemed to be less and less applicable to me).

Once living in Idaho, we threw ourselves into the whole “Choose Life” sentiment. I found a career in education, we bought a house, and my wife brought our two beautiful children into this world… sparking another crisis! Being a decent daddy AND A good spouse!

It’s been quite the journey, but I truly believe I’ve learned worlds from knocking my head against various walls until I finally started to figure things out.

The interests I hope to explore in this endeavor include:




-Food and cooking

-Emotional health

-Relationships (from a male’s perspective)


-Social health

-Balance in one’s life

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